“Do you believe in miracles?! YES!  Al Michaels uttered those famous words as he counted down the final moments during the USA’s stunning upset of the Soviet Union in Olympic ice hockey 36 years ago.  He might have said the same around 2:30 this morning when Donald Trump went over the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency of the United States in what many are calling the greatest upset in political history.

Most Americans went to sleep last night not knowing who would be the 45th president but the political novice scored the stunning victory by winning states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida in a victory that is as shocking as it is historic.  His triumph is also a blow for pollsters who all predicted a victory for Hilly Clinton with many saying they saw no path for a Trump win but as the night wore on it became apparent that trends were being bucked all over the country.

As I said yesterday this was an election where voters were more likely to vote against a candidate rather than for their own and few could have imagined it would be Clinton who would come out on the short end. Democrats across the country are having trouble finding words to describe what happened as Republicans are now in control of the Oval Office along with the House and Senate.  It is a scenario that was unimaginable weeks and months ago and a huge blow for the legacy of President Obama.

As expected Republicans scored huge victories in Ocean County where Trump received nearly 65% of the vote and the GOP continued its dominance.

On a separate matter my congratulations to longtime friend Pat Barry for being elected to the Board of Education in Manchester. They got a good one!


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