Dating can be a challeging thing in any year. Add all the obstacles 2020 brings and it could be a mountain. So what are the most challenging things about dating at the Jersey Shore?

We did a little asking around and we kept hearing a few of the complaints over and over again. Frankly, most were about the difficulty in finding a good man. We'll get to that in a second.

First, let's look at what some of the national publications pinpointed as major dating issues...

It's a Part Time Job. When talking about dating issues in therapy, Huff Post found that many single considered dating apps apart time job, and they didn't like how they seemed to keep getting matched up with the wrong kind of person.

Lots of Things. Dating Advice had a harder time narrowing it down. They came up with a list of 25 challenges, some of them being all the lying, all the ghosting, and all the rejection.

So what about the Jersey Shore? It turns out the more people we talked to, the more these three words were heard.




It's pretty hard to find an honest, nice loyal guy, right? So, we think the Jersey Shore residents we talked to hit it right on the head. There, of course, were more than these three words though.

Another word we kept hearing was "single". It comes as no surprise to anyone in the dating world that the people 'out there' are actually already spoken for, and many are even married.

It seems so simple. a nice, honest, single, loyal guy. That doesn't sound too hard, right?

Good luck with that.

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