WARNING: We got some 'R Rated' stuff coming up, folks....so be prepared and please be sure that all G-rated eyes do not read the story below!

My jaw dropped at this story.

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A special thanks to my friend...whose real name will not be disclosed so for story purposes we'll  call her Michelle....for being willing to share.

So Michelle is as single as they come...it is something her and I have in common.

Who we have met and who we are dating are a very usual topic of conversation.

This last story that she shared with me has me angry and disgusted.

So....CHAPTER 1: Boy meets girl.

Michelle and her friend hit the boardwalk.

This is where Michelle met the guy, who we will call John Doe. It worked out perfectly; two girls and two guys so all four of them ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together.

They grabbed a quick bite to eat, got drinks and the evening ended with everyone exchanging numbers.

Michelle had butterflies. John Doe was sweet, flirtatious, empathetic and from all first impressions, seemed to be something very special.

SHOCKER....that allure quickly ended because.....

CHAPTER 2: The following weekend.

The same four people, Melissa and John Doe included, met up the following weekend for a beach day....but something had changed.

The once sweet and charming fellow was now aggressive and snippy. Politics were one of the first topics to be discussed and the vibe was a completely different one than the weekend prior.

"I couldn't tell if he was just lost interest so he was wing manning it for his friend or what but his interest seemed to have to completely shifted," - said Michelle during a heated phone call. 

Melissa had given up hope and figured this was not the guy for her.

BUT.....the day ended with all four of them going back to her place to wing woman her friend. She lived right in town and she figured, why not?

Melissa and John Doe...well....ya know, what started with a kiss turned into this and that and *KABOOM* the term "Summer Fun" had been completed.

Yes, it was done safely...but that is actually where the issue started.

When Melissa went to grab a condom from her nightstand, John Doe had some stuff to say.

"Wow...condoms. Right in your nightstand?"

"Where do you expect me to keep them...the fridge?"

But it gets worse.

After the actual encounter and the boys left for the evening, Melissa and John Doe were texting.

Here is one of the messages:

"So....condoms in your nightstand drawer. Do you do this a lot?"

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ladies and gentlemen...if you don't see the problem with this, let me enlighten you.

John Doe made a big assumption. Just because Melissa keeps condoms in her nightstand drawer means he has the right to assume she does this all the time?

And if she did do it all the time, is it even his business?

And do you think if roles were reversed and Melissa saw condoms in John Doe's nightstand, that question would have been asked?

It's called slut shaming people. John judged Melissa for making the same exact decision that he did....to have sex.

And let me be clear...I am taking one sentence out of the entire conversation for this post. There was follow up that I was asked not to share but to me, this one question is enough to prove my point.

Take your 1940's mentality and shove it....because homie don't play like that here.

To Melissa and any other woman this has happened to, I am sorry you had to experience this.

It is a double standard that is starting to be recognized which is the first step to destroying it.

So did I second guess writing this? Yes. Am I a bit on edge about the response? Believe it or not....yes.

But I felt I had to because there are people out there who think that these types of encounters don't happen anymore.

Well trust me....they are alive and well and it is time to have that conversation so this crap can end.

I thank you.

Nicole S. Murray

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