Did you ever wonder what New Jersey is best and worst at? One publication did and has released its results.

So, what are we good at? Well, we are home to some beautiful beaches, we grow some delicious tomatoes, and we make some amazing pizza. But none of those things represent what we are best at, according to Reader's Digest.

According to their research, the thing New Jersey is best at is (drum roll here)...diners! That's actually a very true and accurate statement. And there's nothing more Jersey than a good diner.

And that leads us to the thing New Jersey is worst at. Oh, the possibilities. What's the first thing that came to your mind? For me, the word 'driving' kept echoing in my ears. It has to be that, right. Wrong.

Turns out Reader's Digest chose another of the obvious New Jersey negatives, and it is a big negative that just seems to keep getting bigger every time we turn around. New Jersey is worst at taxes.

And I guess if you're searching for two words that are quintessential New Jersey, diners and taxes would be a couple of very good choices.

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