What if I told you that Sunday afternoon while many people were roasting in the heat we were sitting on the beach in cool comfort?  Actually I did just tell you that and the beach may be the only outdoor place to beat the heat over the next few days.  It is all about the wind and for the most part the beach has felt like a blast of air conditioning with fairly strong south winds prevailing on an almost daily basis which is why it was in the mid to upper 70’s when I left Sunday around 3:30 and within a few miles the temperature had soared into the 90’s.  The only downside has been the south and southwest winds have helped keep the ocean water temperature well below normal for late June and yesterday is was probably only in the low 60’s.  It’s still a good trade-off during a heat wave.

I can’t remember the last time I had ice cream on back to back days but the hot weather must bring out something in me.  I probably only have it a few times between say October and June but as the temperature rises so does my desire for the tasty treat.  I’m fairly simple when it comes to choices….a cup that is half of one flavor on the bottom with soft vanilla on the top and never any toppings as I do have to watch calories.  Who am I kidding?

It is way too soon for Yankees fans to panic over being in 4th place in the AL East standings following a weekend sweep at the hands of the rival Red Sox.  However there are some things to be concerned about and I fully expect a trade or two is coming before too long.  The Yankees roster is still a good one but they need another starting pitcher or two and help in centerfield.  I still think they have enough to be a playoff team and there is a long way to go but I know their fans are not very patient.

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