Honestly, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.

You probably won't believe me either, but here goes.

I saw something happen in Wildwood, New Jersey that both horrified me and caused me to laugh out loud.

This was late Friday afternoon during the Barefoot Country Music Fest on Wildwood Beach. A thunderstorm approached the festival, and the festival site had to be evacuated because of lightning in the area. People were told to leave the site and take immediate shelter in some sort of, well, shelter.

My co-worker Chris Coleman and I jumped into the Cat Country truck, as seen here:


Others scurred off the beach and boardwalk to find a quick safe spot.

As we approached the venue as the time-of-shelter was coming to an end, someone pointed out a row of port-a-potties, where three people - all female - were "holed up" inside two of the units.


Sure enough, as the all-clear was given, one of the girls popped out of one of the doors, and the other 2 popped out of one of the other units. Yes, two in one.

This was just off the main-stage VIP area, so I could only venture the three used this hiding place so they could dash back to their up-close-in-front-of-the-stage position before anyone else could get to it.

So for one whole hour, these three ladies stood (or sat) in a port-a-potties that had been used all day.

(By the way, I can tell you, the units were cleaned every night...but....still)

How do you hide out in a port-a-potty for an entire hour?

Look I'm a guy and I hate port-a-potties - I know the female experience is even worse! (At least I'm (hopefully) standing up the entire time.)

When I'm in the port-a-potty, I'm also not touching anything - and, I'M HOLDING MY BREATH! How does one breathe in a port-a-potty for a whole hour?

Of course two of them have chosen to both hang out in one! How do you do that?

I've gotta think the smell just stays with you, right?

Hide out in a port-a-potty? No thank you!

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