WTH?!?! Your don't see this everyday!  An 18 year old pilot named Landon Lucas was flying for Paramount Air Service when he started experiencing engine trouble.  Now think back to when you were 18...if you were him, would you be freaking out and crying for your your mom? I know I would. This impressive kid had the skills to pull a Sully and he's not even 20.

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Paramount Air Service is an advertising banner company (we see them fly overhead all the time as we swim on the beach telling our Bros to Eat Clean, or when they are telling us what cell phone plan we need). Landon was flying one of these banner planes near Steel Pier in Atlantic City when he realized something was wrong with the engine.  Landon thought quick and released his advertising banner into the ocean and and tried to reach the Ocean City Municipal Airport. When he realized he had to act even quicker than that, Landon decided to take advantage of the gap in traffic on the Route 52 Causeway and landed the plane in the northbound lanes leading to Somers Point.

The plane was neatly parked in the shoulder of the northbound side of the bridge with its wing outstretched over the right lane.

No injuries or damage to the plane were reported.  Not bad kid.

An investigation is underway while crews remove the wings and tow the plane away.  I can tell you this, my kid is about to get her drivers license and I'm a wreck, can you imagine Landon's phone call to mom and dad?

"Hey Mom? Um...I just landed a plane safely on the Ninth Street Bridge in Ocean City...what's for dinner?"

Ocean City police and fire crews responded to the call that a banner plane made an emergency landing on the Route 52 Causeway at 12:38 p.m. Thankfully traffic was light enough for this to be possible!  There has to be more to the story so I put a call into Landon to come on the Jersey Shore Morning Show and tell us more...fingers crossed he joins us!

Read more here via The Patch.

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