Let's take a trip to beautiful Seaside Park, New Jersey. Join us every Friday as we broadcast from our beautiful RWJ Barnabas Health Seaside Park Studios.

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Always enjoy a beautiful Friday morning at the beach as we wake you up from gorgeous Seaside Park all summer. Stop by our studios and say hi :)

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Take a look at some great pics we put together for you, a virtual trip to Seaside Park if you will lol

We begin at the Tunney-Mathis Bridge as we make our way over to the island. We also share some cool sites from Seaside Park and of course a look at the beaches. One of my favorite photos is the sunrise over the ocean that we get to see every Friday...absolutely beautiful.

We have been doing our Friday beach broadcast for years now in Seaside Park and I do think we have the nicest beach studios in the state and maybe the nation, its a nice operation in the dunes along the beach in Seaside Park. If you have not seen our "beach house" stop by this summer and say hi we'd love to see you and maybe you can even win some goodies

Next time you need to get away and get some "beach" time be sure to check out Seaside Parka beautiful gem at the Jersey Shore and our summer home with 92.7 WOBM .... see you at the beach studio!


Take a Trip to Beautiful Seaside Park, New Jersey

Take a look at Summer at the beach in Seaside Park, New Jersey


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