So as I woke up this morning (Wednesday) I had forgotten that we were about to experience our full moon for May 2021. This month the full moon is known as the “flower” 🌸  moon. Obviously the name stems from the time of year we are in as flowers being to burst everywhere as we approach late spring and early summer.


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So I was outside this morning in our backyard gazing up and getting a pretty good shot of our moon as seen above us here at the Jersey Shore. If you were up early today you got a nice look at the Flower Moon too. There were some clouds but hopefully you had an opportunity to view.


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This month not only do we have a full flower moon, but also a supermoon and a lunar eclipse! Our Flower Moon will reach its peak today Wednesday, May 26th. The moon will be the closest full moon of the year.....which makes it a “supermoon”.


Shawn Michaels


“A supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that nearly coincides with pedigree-the closest that the Moon come to Earth in it's elliptic orbit-resulting in a slightly larger than usual apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from Earth.” ~ Google 

The lunar eclipse that coincides with this full moon will be viewed best by folks on the West Coast. So unfortunately for us it will not be a big deal. FYI a lunar eclipse is when our Earth is directly between the Moon and the Sun, it causes our planet to cast a shadow on the Moon. In addition the reddish color the Moon get during a lunar eclipse is known as a “blood moon”. So I guess for some this weeks Moon will be the Full Blood Supermoon Flower Moon.....I think, but something like that lol hope you got a chance to enjoy, if not check my pics here.....they were taken around 2 am 5/26/21 here on the east coast (New Jersey/Ocean County).


Shawn Michaels


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