Erin Murphy, known across the country as Tabitha from Bewitched called into  WOBM-AM 1160 & 1310's studios today for a Preferred Company interview with Joel Markel.

Murphy began her career while still in diapers. Discovered by an agent as her mother pushed her stroller in Los Angeles, Murphy got her first job, playing a boy in a commercial for Folgers Coffee, at 11 months. Her next job was a detergent commercial with future President Ronald Reagan.

Right before her second birthday, ABC came calling, and Erin was cast as little witch Tabitha Stephens on the top ten sitcom, Bewitched.

Millions of fans around the world tuned in to see if Tabitha had inherited magical powers from her mother Samantha and delighted in Erin's antics as she turned bullies into bulldogs and bullfrogs, played
piano like a maestro and skated like Dorothy Hamill. Magazine covers, television appearances, a series of comic books and dolls and paper dolls in her likeness soon followed.

After eight seasons, 23 Emmy nominations, and 254 episodes, Bewitched gracefully ended without cancellation. Despite the fact that Bewitched was filmed in the 60s and 70s, the popularity of the show endures, with Entertainment Weekly recently naming Bewitched one of the "100 Greatest
TV Shows of All Time." For the 50th Anniversary of TV Guide, they included Bewitched in
the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and one of the Top 10 Sitcoms.

Erin helped Sony promote both the release of the feature film version of Bewitched (starring Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman) and the release of the Bewitched television series on DVD.

On the upcoming Bewitched DVD Box Set, Erin will be featured hosting behind the scenes tours of
the Warner Brothers Ranch & Sunset Gower Studios. Erin was also on hand in Salem to unveil the popular Bewitched statue for the TVLand Landmarks series.

As part of one of the most beloved sitcoms in television history, Erin is embraced by fans around the world.

Immediately following Bewitched, Erin turned down a part on The Waltons to go to Girl Scout camp, but she didn't lose her love for the business.

During her teens, Erin modeled and did numerous commercials.

As an adult, Erin has worked as a casting director, a makeup artist, a
fashion stylist, an acting teacher, a motivational speaker and even as a stunt double for Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen, before deciding that her true niche is hosting.

After numerous requests and much consideration, Erin has recently entered the wonderful world of direct
response. Watch for her as the host of the Ab Shark infomercial for Thane & the Bun Shaper infomercial for Emson!

Erin can also currently be seen discussing the week in reality TV on the Fox Reality Channel's
Reality Remix, on TVLand Confidential and on the E! Special "Top 50 Child Stars We Love". Erin can also be seen on several episodes of Craft Lab for the DIY Network & HGTV, Identity on NBC and is the on-air
spokesperson for Allergan Medical.

Outside of entertainment, Erin is most proud of her role as mom to six
boys and wife to husband Darren (yes that's really his name!).

Her motto is "The joy is in the



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