New Jersey has produced its share of comedy stars; Abbot and Costello, Jerry Lewis, and Jon Stewart, just to name a few. But overall, is New Jersey a funny state? A new study says, yes, it is.

An outfit called Shiny Smile Veneers put together metrics to determine a “funny score.” Here are the categories:

  • Residents per comedy club (40 points):
  • Residents per comedy festival (30 points)
  • Residents per comedy special host city (only for city; 20 points)
  • Residents per top comedian’s home state (only for state; 20 points)
  • Search volume per city/state (10 points)

New Jersey came up with a score of 71 (out of 100), good enough for 10th nationally. Believe it or not, Massachusetts came out on top with a score of 95. New York, Illinois, Alaska, and Ohio are next.

The least funny state is North Dakota (with a score of 5!), followed by Wyoming, Arkansas, and Alabama.


They also ranked cities, but they only used the 25 biggest, so no New Jersey towns are included. Of those 25, the funniest was deemed to be Boston (94 points), and then Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Seattle.

New York was 8th and Philadelphia 9th. Boston ranks #1 due to high scores across all the factors: 20/20 in “residents per comedy special,” 27/30 in “residents per festival,” 37/40 in “residents per club,” and 10/10 for search volume.

Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Delirious are the top two nationally searched comedy specials.

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