Some days we think we're the happiest bunch around, and other days we feel like we'd be happier anywhere else. So, just how happy are we in New Jersey? Well, a recent study tackled that exact question, and we're pretty sure the results will surprise you. Just how happy are we in the Garden State?

It turns out the WalletHub study determined that we are happier than we might think. New Jersey ranks as the 9th happiest state in the nation. And that's pretty happy. And for New Jersey, that's actually downright ecstatic.

The study used many factors to make the determination, including work environment, community and environment and emotional and physical well being. Here's how NJ ranked in each category

Work Environment...NJ ranks 39th happiest

Community & Environment...We rank 27th happiest.

Emotional & Physical Well Being. This is what got us in the top 10. We are ranked at #1 in the country in this category.

So, when all is said and done. New Jersey is our happy place. And the 9th happiest place in the whole country. And that's not so bad.

Here are some great reasons for us being so very happy...

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