Great news for you bougie coffee drinkers out there: a new Starbucks is coming to the Jersey Shore!

The newest location for the nationwide coffee chain is opening on Route 35 in Hazlet as soon as next week. WOOT WOOT....more specifically, on Friday, December 18th.

The Starbucks will share the building with the Wonderland Smoke Shop but it hasn't opened just yet.

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According to, this location will feature a drive-thru and nitro cold brew taps which is the, "Starbucks cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen."

Hmmm interesting. I guess I'll try any coffee concoction once. Would you?

"Starbucks is always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of our customers," said a Starbucks spokesperson. (Um, how about my house? lol)

And this location is opening just in time! Have you heard about their newest drink release?

Introducing The Sugarplum Macchiato!

Here is how describes this PURPLE (yes, purple) coffee drink:

“The Sugarplum Macchiato ... features the bright berry flavors of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and plum, accented by notes of vanilla, and rounded out with a sweet sugary finish,” Dunkin’ says. “The combination of premium espresso, milk, and sugarplum flavor creates a whimsical, light-purple, layered drink.”

Sounds delicious!

This new Starbucks locationis taking over the former Friendly's location which closed back in 2015. I get business is rough but I am surprised that it took 5 years to get this location refilled.

Take a look at the caffeine-filled announcement on the original article at

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