Better lock those car doors!

Stafford police took to their department's Facebook page to announce a plan in which officers will make sure high-end cars are secure during the overnight hours.

For the next several weeks, Stafford police will be patrolling and checking high-end cars in the area during the evening and overnight hours.

If a car is found to be unlocked or with the key fob inside, then police will be knocking on citizens' doors to notify them of their unsecured vehicle.

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This is not the first New Jersey township to sound the alarm on unlocked cars. Last month, police in Westfield reported a rash of car thefts where the vehicles were unlocked with keys or key fobs inside.

There have also been a number of reports of high-end vehicles stolen from country clubs in Middlesex and Union Counties this summer.

Barnegat police also warned residents earlier this month to lock their cars and take their keys with them after five cars were stolen from three different residential developments.

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