Ocean County woman in business are encouraged to attend a round-table discussion hosted on January 31, 10 am at the Universal Cabinetry Design on 2500 Long Beach Blvd in Ship Bottom.

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It's a new concept being developed by the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, where on a monthly basis they will discuss various topics among women in business to help build a stronger network of connections.

The 'Women in Business Round-table' is an event to encourage dialogue among peers and how to develop helpful strategies to execute good deals.

"We want to make sure that the women that are doing all these different things valuable not only to business but charitable works, home and family...that they understand everyone in the community whatever chapter they're in in their life can offer support," said Lori Pepenella, with the Chamber of Commerce.

Sharing this experience with among peers, she adds, will be beneficial to any future business decisions.

Pepenella says this initiative underway is apart of a broader scope for women to strategize with each other.

It's also apart of their 2020 vision strategic plan, "to really take a concentrated look at what businesses are going to need to survive by the year 2020," Pepenella said.

They look to bridge both professional and business connections for the woman attending these monthly round-table events as well as providing a boost for businesses in the Long Beach Island region.

"We know that it's very strong here," said Pepenella. "Women re-entering the workforce is ideal once they're moved down here and are retiring or raising a family."

Being able to multi-task is a skill many covet and require to survive in the world of business, and Pepenella says that while it is a vital tool women in this field often have many obstacles to overcome and be successful all at once.

"You have your career, family and your personal life and of course you want to advance through any means possible," said Pepenella.

It comes down to organizational skills, Pepenella adds, as well as developing workable strategies to help soften the burden of feeling overwhelmed.

So for women who wear many hats, coming to this round-table at the end of the month will be of great value for all attendees.

"There's something for everyone there," said Pepenella. "This business round-table that is specifically for women is something that is going to be a casual conversation."

For more information on this event and to sign up, head over to their website but Pepenella advises to RSVP soon because seats fill up fast.

You can also call the Southern Ocean Chamber at 609-494-7211, or stop into their commerce center at 265 W Ninth St Ship Bottom.

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