There were some great New Jersey inventors not named Edison who helped to change the world. Here are a few you may or may not know about.

Of course, where would the world be without Thomas Edison and the light bulb, phonograph, motion picture and the other over 1000 of his inventions. But today, we focus on some of the other great inventors and inventions from the Garden State.

Norman Joseph Woodland...Next time you're at the self check out or you supermarket line is moving quicker than usual, take a moment to thank Norman Joseph Woodland, the inventor of the barcode. He was born in Atlantic City.

Anthony Winston...Smile a big bright smile for East Brunswick's Anthony Winston had thirteen patents for using baking soda for toothpastes, gels and tartar control agents, according to He also had in his list of inventions earwax remover and deodorizers. Thanks and thanks again.

So there you have it. Two New Jersey inventors not named Edison who also helped change the world. We'll have more in our next installment.

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