Thank you to all of the snow plow employees of the state who have worked tirelessly to clean the Jersey Shore after one of the most insane snow storms of the century.

We got a total of 19 inches in Lavallette and even ten days later, blobs of snow can be spotted all over the place.

When you get that much snow, there are only so many places you can put it.

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But even after we have had a few days above 40 degrees, I spotted a mountain -- not a hill -- MOUNTAIN of snow in the PetSmart parking lot in Brick.

More than half of the parking spaces in front of the pet store are not park-able...unless you are willing to put the car in park when your vehicle is slanted at a 45 degree angle.

I'm not saying this to complain or to get on anyone whose been working to clear this snow at all.

I'm showing you this for shock value because my jaw dropped when I first pulled in and saw this massive mount of ice.

How can it still be THIS huge even after melting for the last few days??

But, once again, when you get that much snow, you will eventually run out of suitable places to put it so I get it.

Take a look at these photos and even video:

MUST SEE: Photos Of Massive Mountain Of Snow Still Blocking More Than Half Of Brick Parking Lot

This. Is. Wild.

There's a shock factor there, right?

Here is the video. I recorded while my friend physically drove us around this massive pile of snow. Spoiler alert, we didn't even make it around the full thing while recording this clip.

I should have climbed it and planted a 94.3 The Point flag so it was "conquered!"

I'm sure this is not the only eye-catching sight of snow left at the Jersey Shore from that storm.

Anything like it near you? Send me a photo at

But despite receiving over 2 feet of snow, the Jersey weather can't stop the insane real estate market these days.

Or can it....??

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