We might be some Jersey reality TV scoop here! I posted yesterday that Snooki was back on TV, but as a solo host for HGTV's Beach Cabana Royale, which by the way sounds super mature. I was sold on the idea that Snooki was done with the Jersey Shore franchise and ready to move onto her many other projects but now I wonder. Maybe she took a break from the show to build suspense and get ready for the comeback in season 5!  Here is why we wonder...Snook and Angelina appeared to be having a filmed lunch together which of course is starting rumors that Snooki might be returning to Jersey Shore Family Vacation.  I personally would love it if she did.

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Some of the cast mates have also hinted that she would not be gone for long but everything seemed so final after her official announcement that she was done.  It would make sense that they were being filmed together since they are the only two that have not tried to make up after Angelina's wedding gone wrong. The Jersey Shore family let their fans know that they are still doing their vacations with no end in sight...I wonder how long this can go on, I mean how many vacations does one family need? These cast of characters have been with us for 11 years and if MTV can find a way to do it, they will be with us 11 more.

Since her departure after Angelina's wedding gone wrong, Snooki has been busy working on her own business ventures like her two boutique locations (on in NY and one in Madison, NJ) and of course being with her with her three bambinos. Will you watch if she comes back? Party's heeeere! Let me know what you think!  Shannon@943thepoint.com

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