If you've ever told someone you're from the Jersey Shore, and immediately they say "Oh, like the TV Show," then this open letter is for you.

Dear Out of State MTV Jersey Shore Fan -

I totally understand your enthusiasm for Reality TV. I'm a huge Real Housewives Fan! But, even I know that most people living in Los Angeles are not living life like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So I urge you to use that same logic when asking us New Jerseyans about the Jersey Shore.


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Fun fact - I've maybe only watched 3 episodes of the Jersey Shore in total? So it's really funny to see the look on out of staters' faces when they bring it up.

Unlike the formerly rowdy cast (who have settled down and are leading wonderful adult lives), we do not party all the time. And listen, this isn't a knock on them. I know most of us wouldn't want to have our crazy years filmed and shown for everyone on TV. But please, do not make that comparison.

Life at the Jersey Shore is actually really chill. We go to work. We enjoy the beaches in a responsible way. We do know how to have a good time, and we can tear up a dance floor (sans fist-pumping, at least on my end). We go to the gym, we do tan, and we do our laundry (at least I hope so), but not in that order. And most of us don't use that acronym seriously.

The Jersey Shore is much bigger and has so much more to offer than what MTV showed on the TV Show. So the next time someone tells you they're from the Jersey Shore, please don't assume we're living a chaotic life. (But if you wanna stop by the Jersey Shore house on your own time, no shade there, you do you!)

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