It's been more than five years since Little Egg Harbor fought off a trash-transfer station in favor of a Park-N-Ride, and this spring NJ Transit officials say shovels will break ground for it off Exit 58 on the Garden State Parkway.

Craig Versheck, Ocean Co. Transportation Advisory Board (Townsquare Media)
Craig Versheck, Ocean Co. Transportation Advisory Board (Townsquare Media)

Craig Versheck, a longtime Little Egg resident and community activist who serves as Vice-Chairman of the Ocean County Transportation Advisory Board, says that the main point of this fight was that residents in Southern Ocean County didn't have any transit options to be able to travel anywhere.

Now, he says, there is finally cause for celebration among residents.

"I've talked to members of the community and the excitement is unbelievable," said Versheck. "People will have the opportunity to get on a bus to go up to New York City or the opposite way to Philadelphia."

Versheck adds that currently there's no safe lighted area for people to park in that part of the county, so this is Park-N-Ride is a real necessity for residents.

He says up until now he's seen people parking in a number of unsafe areas in Little Egg Harbor and other parts of Southern Ocean County, so plans for this Park-N-Ride were discussed.

"We were able to meet once in a while with a representative of New Jersey Transit," said Versheck.

They had some doubts the plans would become a reality, he adds, but never ruled it out a spokesman told him.

"If the Park-N-Ride is built, we can more than likely take the existing 319 bus which automatically goes past exit 58," said Versheck. "It goes from Atlantic City up to New York City with a stop in Toms River."

His ongoing push for this Park-N-Ride was driven with the intent to provide easier access for people to use the bus for things such as finding employment opportunities.

"A lot of people have spoken to me and said they'd like to have a chance to get on a bus and seek employment in New York City, or go the opposite way into Atlantic City and take the train to Philly," said Versheck.

He also received potential interest from kids looking to head off to college by taking a bus from this Park-N-Ride.

Versheck says to date all of the permits for this piece of land have been approved.

"The only group we're waiting on is the Pinelands Commission," said Versheck.

He adds organizations such as the EPA and Wetlands Commission are on board with the idea to build this Park-N-Ride.

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