So has the time come for schools in the Garden State to be open, full time, by September? Obviously, everyone's health and safety is a number one priority but has the time come and we feel confident that we can be safe and be in school?

Basically, kids have had two years of school affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, and many that I have talked to say it's time to go back. One of the big "issues" that many parents have mentioned is "socialization" and the lack of it with homeschooling. Kids miss their friends and their activities that they can only do at school. Some kids have been lucky with "some" of the school week at school, while others have been more cut off and homeschooled.

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I recently spoke with my niece Alayna who is a 6th grader and she misses school. She said they do have two days a week at school, but she would prefer five days a week. She told me "virtual" learning is NOT the same and is not as good as learning in class with your teachers in person. For her, she cannot wait till it's back to full-time in school learning. One funny moment in our conversation, she mentioned for gym class that they have to watch other people exercise lol that's no good :(

So now we want to turn this over to YOU, should students in New Jersey be back to school "full-time" by September? Vote in our POLL below and we will share the results Friday with Shawn & Sue in the Morning.



In Conclusion: I think if we continue vaccinating teachers and we practice safe learning in the fall, then yes its time for kids, parents, and teachers to get back to's time :)


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