Some tense moments in Avalon and Margate on Monday as lifeguards called swimmers out of the water after sharks were spotted close to the surf.

Beach closed
Chris Hyde, Getty Images

Margate City Beach Patrol told NBC10 they spotted a fin off the Gladstone Avenue beach around 1 p.m. and went into the water to investigate. They said the shark "appeared to be chasing a large school of fish nearby."

Swimmers were allowed to return to the water about an hour later.

In Avalon, beachgoers were interrupted from swimming three times over the course of two hours after a shark sighting at the beach between 26th and 32nd Streets, according to NBC10.

On Sunday, swimmers at a beach in Sea Bright were ordered out of the water after reports of a shark sighting, but police later confirmed it was just a sunfish.

A rash of attacks off the coast of North Carolina has heightened the alert over possible shark attacks. Since June, there have been eight shark attacks in North Carolina. The most recent one occurred Saturday when a 32-year-old Marine was bitten on his right hand and forearm.

New Jersey hasn't had a shark attack in its waters since 2006.





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