100 years since attacks
Experts say our knowledge, and appreciation, of the ocean's top predator has grown immensely since that bloody 12-day period in early July 1916.
Shark sightings, attacks worry New Jersey beachgoers
Shark sightings off the New Jersey coastline have forced swimmers out of the water more than once already this summer, North Carolina's coast has been plagued by several shark attacks since June, and to top it off, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
Shark attacks possible in NJ
Over the past three weeks, half a dozen people have been attacked by sharks off the coast of North Carolina. That has some Garden State residents wondering if the same kind of scenario could unfold at the Jersey Shore.
Island Beach Shark Feeding Frenzy
A new viral video is getting a lot of views lately and for good reason: there has apparently been a feeding frenzy off Island Beach State Park!  According to the poster, the sharks were probably brown sharks, blacktips and sandbar tiger sharks feeding on menhaden.   Check out the vide…