LAKEWOOD — Another school bus has been caught on video speeding at 80 mph.

In the latest listener-submitted video, a bus from DAG Transport is seen passing the car. The car is traveling at 77 mph, according to the car's speedometer, as the bus zooms past.

The video was recorded on Wednesday about 4 p.m. on the southbound Garden State Parkway in the Brick/Toms River area, according to the listener, who asked not to be identified.

The bus belonged to a Lakewood based bus company.

"The bus came up so fast and was gone just as fast," the listener said in an email, who added that he could not tell if there were children on board. He also did not call police.

"I just recall a similar incident just the other day you guys reported on. I see this all the time as I travel the state."

A representative for DAG told New Jersey 101.5 that the company is reviewing the video. All their buses are equipped with GPS, she said.


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"We are checking the GPS and the driver will be terminated if it is found she was going 80 mph, 75 mph," the company official said. She would not disclose the driver's identity but said that "it's a driver who's been driving school buses a long time."

The company said no children were on board at the time of the recording, and that the driver was heading home. The official declined to say which school or district the bus was working for.

According to the MVC School Bus Inspection website, the company had an initial out-of-service failure rate of 29 percent and an initial inspection passing rate of 41 percent.

Two videos in the past two days of bus 302, owned by Shamrock Stagecoach, hitting 80 mph on Route 18 resulted in the driver being fired.

New Jersey 101.5 provided a copy of the Parkway video to the State Police, which is investigating.

State Police Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Flynn took a dim view of drivers taking video of speeding motorists.

"Motorists should never attempt to record other motorists while driving," he said. "If a motorist believes someone is posing a hazard because of poor driving behaviors, please call the aggressive driver tip line from a hands-free mobile device to report it by dialing #77. Be ready to give a description of the vehicle and occupants, a location and direction, and a license plate if possible."

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