When a storm like the one we're going through this week it dawns on us just how much those road crews in our towns and throughout the counties mean to us.

I know we always think the street we live on is never plowed fast enough and we flip out when every road we drive on is not down to blacktop immediately , but honestly, i think that's just stress and fear talking.

I know that deep down, we all know that the work these road crews have to do, especially on a nearly impossible storm like the one we're dealing with now, is very difficult work. We have some of the best crews around.

And I just wanted to take a minute to thank these incredibly hard working individuals for the intense hard work they do for us to get the roads clear and get the Jersey Shore back to normal, at least on the roads.

And I don't just want to thank the workers themselves. I also want to give a huge shout out to the families of these hard workers. While we are all safe in our homes, there are spouses and their children home waiting and worried about their loved ones who are out in the middle of a storm we are all desperately trying to hide from.

So, let's all take a minute to thank these hard working people for what they do for us under very difficult circumstances. I'm sure they are the target of a ton of complaining, after all this is New Jersey and we have to blame someone for everything, but they really deserve nothing but our thanks.

Thank you road crews from all the local towns and Monmouth & Ocean Counties and all the public works employees!

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