This has not exactly been an easy year to meet someone no matter where you are. So, is New Jersey the place to be for singles in 2021?

Well, according to some recent research, you could be doing a lot worse, and frankly, you could be doing a lot better than New Jersey if you are single. The study was published by WalletHub and the results are a little surprising.

It turns out the Garden State just misses the top 10 best states for dating, clocking in at the #11 spot for 2021. But it also turns out that both of our state neighbors (New York and Pennsylvania) rank higher than we do.

But that doesn't mean the numbers aren't positive ones for us here in New Jersey. 2021 definitely has potential for Garden State singles. Here are some of the numbers...

New Jersey's biggest highlight to me is our #9 ranking for "Romance & Fun". I love hearing that about us. I think we know how to have fun and be romantic and now we have some data to back that belief.

We're also #13 for dating opportunities, which is good, but when you throw money into the mix, New Jersey begins to tumble in the rankings. Of course we do.

If you look at "Dating Economics", basically how much it costs to be as fun and romantic as we are, the Garden State plummets to #33. Ouch.

By the way, another website, Insider, ranks New Jersey's "Dating Opportunities" even higher, and they specifically say the Jersey Shore is a great place for a date. Good for us! we already knew that, but we still love to hear it.

So, overall, this is good news for New Jersey singles. It's some positive news heading into 2021 if you're interested in finding love this year. Go be fun and romantic! Just have some cash handy for the hefty price of dating in the Garden State.

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