We need to be mindful of safety tips when we are deciding where to place the Christmas tree, securing the outdoor decorations and not overloading circuits.  Now we need to think of the safety of our pets as we celebrate the season.  First, be sure your Christmas tree is properly secured, so it doesn’t tip over possibly causing injuries.  Second, tree branches of live holly and different varieties of lilies in your seasonal arrangements could be toxic to your pets if ingested.  They could suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or other more series health complications.  Consider artificial arrangements as a safe alternative.  Another concern is the shiny texture of tinsel, which cats may find to be an attractive sparkly toy.  If accidentally swallowed, this could lead to serious digestive issues including vomiting and dehydration.  As we prepare those delicious holiday dinners and desserts, it is tempting to allow our four-legged friends to sample a little here and there.  No chocolate or anything sweetened with xylitol.  Avoid giving your pets fatty, spicy foods or the bones from the holiday turkey, roast and other foods.  Be sure your garbage has a secure lid.  One final note is about ringing in the New Year.  Some pets dislike noise as they may be startled and scared.  Also, loud sounds may cause damage to their sensitive ears.  Create a quiet space for pets and less noisy ways to celebrate the New Year.  Click ASPCA for more information and details on keeping your pets safe this Holiday Season.

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