Bringing back one from the past with a twist. Let’s call this “Rants from an old guy 2.0”

  • I understand the reason why but I still don’t like the fact that people riding motorcycles blast their music like a rock concert so everyone within a half mile can hear it (except them). By the way many of them are old guys!
  • I must be getting old because I’m starting to find country music somewhat enjoyable. Either that or I hate the garbage that’s considered today’s new music. Give me the music of the 60s and 70s any day!
  • With few exceptions (one of them being on the beach) wearing your hat backwards once you get to a certain age is just wrong. While on the same subject I have given in a little on whether it’s okay for old people to wear a sports jersey with an athletes name on it.  It is okay, especially when you are attending a game or if it’s a former athlete who you are paying tribute to. What is never okay is wearing a team jersey with YOUR name on it.
  • I’m old enough to remember when there was only traffic in the Toms River area during the summer months.
  • Many towns have now banned smoking on their beaches and boardwalks and I’m certainly if favor of that. However what good does it do if it’s not enforced. Same for riding bicycles on the boardwalk or walking your dog.
  • I think all fast food places with drive-ins should be required to have two windows. One for those getting an item or two and the other for anyone who is ordering a meal for 10 and ties up the line for what seems like hours.
  • What’s with the movies? There has not been anything in months that I felt compelled to see.  Thank goodness for Netflix.
  • We need the founding fathers to return and lecture all our so-called leaders because what’s taking place in Washington and Trenton is frankly a disgrace. It’s our fault for allowing it to happen.
  • I remember when parents would complain there were not enough parks, playgrounds and fields for kids to play on. Now those places sit empty most of the time.  Kids just don’t play unless a uniform is involved and adults are in charge.  The best days ever were pick-up games until it got dark.
  • There’s nothing better with a cup of coffee in the morning than a plain donut from Ob-Co’s that is still warm.
  • Baseball has become boring and not just because I’m a Mets fan.
  • If only I knew then what I know now.

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