The last time New Jersey saw a 7+ day heat wave? August 2016. That streak may very well come to an end, as 90s take over thermometers across most of New Jersey for the next week at least. The heat index will hover at or above 100 degrees too.

(Actually, our heat wave has already begun, as several spots in South Jersey surpassed 90 on Thursday.)

I don't want to harp on heat safety and action steps in case advisories or warnings or issued — because it is truly common sense. Dress for the weather, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks if you have to work outside for any period of time. Also, take special care of your pets — they feel the heat even worse than humans given their fur coats and bare paws on hot pavement!

Friday is shaping up to be a hazy, hot, and humid day with lots of blazing summertime sun. High temperatures for most of New Jersey will peak in the lower 90s. You'll find some relief in NW NJ and along the Jersey Shore, with highs "only" in the 80s.

Don't expect Friday night to be very cool, with low temps only falling to the lower 70s for most.

Saturday will look and feel very similar, with hot sunshine resuming. Highs will peak in the lower to mid 90s.

I'm thinking Sunday will be the most oppressive and uncomfortable day of this sultry stretch of weather. As humidity ticks upward and temperatures turn slightly hotter, we will probably enter dangerous heat territory. High temperatures will range from near-90 at the beaches, to mid to upper 90s inland, to the potential for 100-degree heat in urban areas. Factor in the humidity, and the heat index could reach 105.

The wave of heat will continue for Monday and Tuesday, with more 90s on the way. A few spots may fall into the 80s, technically below heat wave criteria, but there really won't be much relief from the steamy weather. Skies will become partly sunny, with no rain in sight.

We had been watching a midweek front, which would cause temperatures to drop right around the 4th of July holiday, on Wednesday. The latest model guidance shows that front "washing out" or dissipating just before arriving in New Jersey. That means: 1.) the threat for rain is minimal, with just an isolated shower on Wednesday-Thursday, and 2.) no cooldown for the foreseeable future.

Our next chance of substantial rain and noticeably cooler temperatures won't arrive until next weekend. So, best idea would be to settle next to a fan or air conditioner, with favorite icy beverage in hand, and enjoy the hot and humid New Jersey weather!

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

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