This time around I am in Southern Ocean County and some new construction that is in full production caught my eye. As I was recently traveling through Barnegat Township this project along West Bay Avenue had me asking "what's this?"

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When was the last time you traveled through Barnegat? There is a lot of build-up along West Bay Avenue, much different from when I grew up there years ago. If you live in Barnegat then you know what I mean, it's busy through the section of West Bay Avenue near the Garden State Parkway.

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When I first moved to Barnegat circa 1975 we had dirt roads going through the Timbers and Windward developments. In fact, I remember when we first looked at homes in Barnegat we had to drive on dirt roads to look at lots and my parents got stuck in the sand! A far cry from today's Barnegat.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So this construction question is for work being done along West Bay Avenue in Barnegat Township. This small shopping center already has a Dollar General and Auto Zone, but what is the latest building going up? As you can see in the photos above...the framing work is underway on this latest project and we are just curious what it might be?

If you have an answer for us be sure to post your comments below, we love getting YOUR input at home and maybe answer this same question for others here in Ocean County.


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