I have to admit it was not until just recently that I visited my first Waffle House restaurant. I have always seen them, especially heading south, but I never stopped and ate at one.

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Now if you have been to a Waffle House you know it's no-frills, just simply breakfast and coffee. Obviously, the waffles are a highlight, but it's a very simple and inexpensive place to stop for a bite while you traveling. That said I found it to be ok. I enjoyed the waffles and their coffee, can't really go wrong with a simple order like that.

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I was looking at the map and I see that the closest Waffle House restaurant to us here in Ocean County is probably Delaware or Maryland...not sure if there is any north of Delaware. As you head south they are everywhere and in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida you see them on every corner lol.

My question today is, do YOU at home think it would be nice to have a real Waffle House restaurant here in Ocean County? Possibly you might say, no, I prefer a good Jersey Shore Diner....I mean you can get waffles and coffee at any diner, so is this something we really don't need, or would the authentic Waffle House be a fun place to stop off at every so often?

Love to hear your "review" of Waffle House if you have stopped off at one while traveling, post your comments below and let us know what you think of the "yellow" building called Waffle House....


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