The Chick-fil-A in Middletown Township Pennsylvania isn't even constructed yet and there already seems to be a problem. Levittown Now reports, the plans for the new Chick-fil-A have been put on hold due to many issues with the new location including traffic in the area of where the new restaurant will go. This location is less than 2 miles away from another Chick-fil-A. That location is the one by Sesame Place and that one is extremely busy. I remember going there one time before it opened and people were already lined up outside. This new Chick-fil-A location will also only have one lane in their drive thru due to space restrictions. Residents voiced their concerns about the amount of cars, trash and noise that will come to their area with the new location at a township meeting.

I've said it multiple times that chicken nuggets are my jam. Without chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks, I honestly don't think I'd be as happy as I am all the time. Chick-fil-A is also my jam and I get very excited when I hear that one is coming to the area. I love their nuggets, their waffles fries and pretty much everything else too. Its delicious and I love that all their staff members are so polite and courteous. I love when they always say, "My pleasure." I haven't had one bad experience there.

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