You think you know a lot about a place Jersey Shore, right. Well, here’s a Jersey Shore quiz you will horribly fail.

I’m going to give you a Jersey Shore test. As a matter of fact, I’ll even make it a true or false test. It doesn’t really matter. You’ll fail anyway. I took it and I failed, and I’ve been living here for the better part of 3 decades.

But I know you want to give it a try, and I love you for your enthusiasm and confidence. Most likely, neither will help you on this test. Here we go.

Question #1. In a population count done in 2016, the population of Jersey Shore is greater than 5000 people. That’s easy right? If you answered TRUE, Mark yourself down for your first wrong answer. Wanna try again?

Question #2 There are more than 10 miles of Atlantic Ocean Jersey Shore beaches. Another no brainer. If you said TRUE, you are bombing this test. Check off your second incorrect answer.

Question #3. Jersey Shore is officially considered by geologists to be landlocked. Please tell me you didn’t say FALSE. If you did, you got a big, fat zero on this test.
By now you’ve figured out something is up with this test. Something’s not right. You got that right. Now you’re 1 for 3.

It turns out this test is a Jersey Shore, just not THE Jersey Shore. I didn’t know this, and maybe you didn’t either, but there is a town named Jersey Shore, and it’s not even in the Garden State. It’s over 200 miles away, and it’s in Central Pennsylvania. It’s landlocked, has a population of under 5000 and doesn’t have one Ocean beach or boardwalk. You can read more about it at Atlas Obscura.

I don’t know about you, but this is the first Jersey Shore quiz I’ve failed in a while, and I hope it’s the last.

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