No matter how many New Jersey jokes there are, there seems to be one stereotype that many Jersey Shore residents think has some truth to it.

We asked you to admit to us which stereotype was closest to the truth here at the Jersey Shore and your votes have crowned the "Most True Stereotype" champion and it isn't really a big surprise.

It's New Jersey, and that means it always comes back to the driving. Among all the stereotypes, we seem to think the "bad/rude drivers" was the overwhelming winner in our latest Jersey Shore poll.

Turns out that only 3% of Jersey Shore residents think we "all sound like The Situation", while 10% admit that , in fact, New Jersey does smell bad. An additional 12% say we all do have big hair and 30% appreciated our Bon Jovi reference, claiming we "all are named Tommy and Gina".

But by far the most votes (45%) were to admit that we may all be "rude/bad drivers" here in the Garden State. And while it's true not all of us fall into this category, a simple trip on the Parkway, or the Turnpike or any local shopping center parking lot make this a tough one to deny.

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