GALLOWAY — Police arrested a 16-year-old boy on Wednesday who they say was trying to build an assault rifle.

According to the police, the teen, who was not identified, was arrested after they learned he was working to build a firearm. At the time of his arrest, police said they found "all the parts and tools required to assemble a fully functional semi-automatic AR-15 rifle."

While they did not find ammunition to go with the rifle, police said they did find hollow point ammo for a .40 caliber firearm, but not a gun that would work with it.

The teenager was already on juvenile probation for possession of a handgun on school property, according to the police.  He was charged with possession of an assault firearm, tampering with physical evidence, credit card theft, wrongful impersonation, and possession of cocaine.

Police did not release other details about the investigation.

Following his arrest, the teen was taken to the Atlantic Youth Detention Center.

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