How attentive are Jersey Shore men? That's what we asked women all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties and the results are in.

We would tell you to give him these results the next time you talk to him, but the odds are, he wouldn't retain the results. As a matter of fact, there's a good chance he wouldn't even remember having the conversation with you.

When we asked Jersey Shore women how much of what they say to their guy is actually retained by him, the results were disappointing. Most women (36%) said he only retains 50-74% of what they say.

In a close second (29%) women say he'll only remember anywhere between a quarter and half of what they say. Overall numbers show that guys at the Jersey Shore are forgetting anywhere from 25% to75% of what they're told. That's a lot of wasted words.

There is some good news. Sort of. A total of 14% of women say their man retains anywhere from 75% to 99% of what he's told. However, we did offer the choice of 100% retention and it received exactly 0% of your votes.

So girls, if you told him to take out the garbage, or that your parents are coming over this weekend, 86% of you better tell him again.

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