The team at a local Point Pleasant brewery has a warning for other area businesses, check your cash. They say they discovered the fraudulent funds Sunday afternoon on the 27th of 2021. Here's what we know.

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Pile of Money
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I've always thought it was weird when I whipped a crisp, clean $20 bill, $50 bill, or $100 bill from my wallet only to have it inspected. The cashier would look it up and down, hold it under a lightbulb, and then finish with marking it with a special magic marker. After about 30-seconds, I had passed the test. While it slowed me down, it certainly was a good deterrent. Well, the folks at Frye Brewing on Bridge Avenue in Point Pleasant say they were victimized Sunday afternoon.

They took to Facebook and warned fellow business owners, "please watch for bills that look pretty realistic but actually say "copy money" on them. They can be purchased online (I looked and found them on Amazon!!) but if you're in a hurry they look very realistic (paper texture, shadow images, text, font, color, etc)." Apparently, the establishment took a fake $20 bill for a 4-pack of beer. And they have a BIG warning to the person that used the fake bill.

" We have a very good set of images and video and have reported this to the police" said Frye Brewing.  They also added, "I'm very confident that the police will be able to identify you from these images of you and your vehicle.  You also owe us $15."  I hope they find them and get to the bottom of this.

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