Ed Walls is the head golf professional at the Renaissance Country Club in Manchester and before that served in the same capacity at the Toms River Country Club.  Throughout his time at both places he has provided lessons to military veterans at substantial discounts or in some cases free of charge. For most of the last decade he has taken part in Patriot Golf Day which is a fundraiser for Folds of Honor and has become the largest grass-roots golf fundraiser in the U.S.  Money raised provides educational scholarships to the children and spouses of service members killed or disabled while serving in the Armed Forces…a cause near and dear to Ed.

Among the ways many public and private courses and golfers raise money for this effort is by playing one day marathons in which people donate in a variety of ways, including how many holes played, birdies shot, etc.  Ed’s first effort in 2016 saw him play 90 holes which is five complete rounds…an amazing accomplishment.  However he wanted to do more so each Labor Day weekend he has increased his commitment and played more holes and most importantly raised more money.  He has raised over $72,000 including $20,000 in 2019 and $17,000 during a very challenging time last summer which have helped fund 15 scholarships for the families of Americans who served their country.  For his efforts Ed received the 2020 Patriot Award which honors a PGA Professional for his patriotism through golf and dedication to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  (See link below)

(413) 2020 Patriot Award Winner, Ed Walls - YouTube

Alex Stamoutsos
Alex Stamoutsos

Well Ed is back at it again and on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend he will play 200 holes which is 11 complete rounds plus two holes.  He will start at dawn and keep going until he completes his goal in which he hopes to raise $25,000 for Folds of Honor.  While much of that support will come from club members, friends and followers you can help his effort and this awesome cause by following the link below.

Folds of Honor Golf Marathon 2021: Renaissance Country Club - Folds of Honor Foundation

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