A group that claims life on Earth was created by a species of extraterrestrials sponsored a plane that flew over Long Beach Island on Saturday with a Nazi-like symbol on its banner

Plane towing banner with Nazi symbol flies over Long Beach Island

Police received several calls about the plane, whose banner paid for by the Raelian Movement  displayed the word “Swastika,” and showed a swastika intertwined with the Hebrew Star of David according to the Patch of Toms River. The same banner was spotted over New York.

In a press releases, the Raelian Movement declared  Saturday to be their 3rd Annual Swastika Rehabilitation Day and invited Buddhists, Hindus and the numerous spiritual groups who use the swastika as their spiritual symbol to stand up and show their support in cities around the world.



The group says it wasn’t meant as a representation of hate. They say the swastika is actually a symbol of peace and beauty that was corrupted by Nazis in 20th century Germany.

Don Pripstein, president of the Jewish Community Center of Long Beach Island, says whatever the group’s intentions are, the image is still horrific for many Jews whose relatives were killed in the Holocaust.



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