This weekend was the perfect introduction to the upcoming Jersey Shore summer. Temperatures were in the 70s, the sun was shining, and I saw nothing but smiling faces. Most importantly, it was wonderful seeing local businesses energized and ready to assist customers for the upcoming months. It's pretty obvious that this summer is going to be filled with tremendous opportunities... ENJOY IT & TAKE ADVANTAGE!

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With that, this Saturday my best friend and I celebrated our birthdays with a wild pirate-themed boat party. 65 drunken pirates hopped on a charter boat and danced for three hours, it was priceless! His birthday is May 11th and mine is May 18th so it's always an easy opportunity for us to celebrate together. We thought with many of us vaccinated, why not throw a pre-summer bash? Our friends 100% agreed!

So yeah... just picture 65 morons singing and dancing all decked out in pirate attire. It was hilarious and easily one of the best birthday celebrations I ever had. In the article cover photo, you can see I taped a pirate hook on my left hand. Of course, I stayed in character all day, there was no way I was taking it off. Yes, hours later my hand was very pruney... In all seriousness, one of my favorite memories from the day was waving to other people who were also enjoying a nice day on the water. There was nothing but happy people and that's heartwarming to see after the type of year we experienced.

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In conclusion, a HUGE thank you to The Miss Michele III. The workers are very kind and it was a very simple process to set up the trip. It was BYOB and the final cost was around $2,000 which came out to be around $40 per pirate, which isn't bad for spending a perfect day on the water. More information about the charter is below:

The Miss Michele III is available for charter and can accommodate your own personal group, small to large for fishing, cruising, fireworks cruises, parties, summer day camp cruises, birthdays, memorial services. Whatever the occasion, the Miss Michele III welcomes your group. Captain Ron Braen and his crew will provide your group with an exceptional fishing and boating experience. We offer fishing charters for spring flounder, fluke, blues, striped bass, tuna and bottom fishing which consists of sea bass, black fish, porgies, ling, and cod depending on the season. Firework’s cruises are available for charter on Thursday’s nights throughout the summer. We also provide service for burials (ashes) at sea. For more detials, click HERE.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and I hope you have a wonderful Jersey Shore summer! - Jimmy G

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