There's one Jersey Shore man who drives a vintage 1960s car that can go straight into the water! It's a car/boat? Boat/car? Whatever you call it, it's just about one of the coolest things you'll see all summer.

I think I just found my "dream car." Unfortunately, it's being driven by a man from Ortley Beach named Stephen Monteleone.

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To say I'm envious of his 1967 ride would be an understatement because it's a thing of beauty.

Monteleone drives something called an "amphicar," according to It's a car that can literally go from driving on the road right into the water. The move from land to sea is as simple as a gear change.

With its aqua-colored exterior (officially a shade, called "fjord green," says, its creamy, white interior, and its white wall tires, Monteleone's amphicar, which he's owned for about seven years, is a sight to behold. To me, it looks like something out of a 60s surfer-shack movie.

When Stephen takes her into Barnegat Bay for a ride, he puts on his captain's hat and becomes "Captain Monty."

Capt. Monty tells he thinks about 400 amphicars like his exist in the U.S. But this is the first time I've ever seen one! How about you?

I'm particularly tickled by his dashboard accessory. It's a hula girl that sways back and forth, and something that used to belong to his grandad.

Captain Monty tells he loves the attention the car gets, which includes a LOT of stares. If you spot it, you're bound to do a least ONE double-take.

Check out the 1967 amphicar in motion below (courtesy Andre Malok/!

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