It's pretty safe to say we do everything a little different here in the Garden State, and we're proud of it. Let's look at some of the "jersey" ways we say things.

This is just about the only time of year we say 'pecan' and every year I do the same thing. I think to myself that I should look it up to make sure I'm saying it 'right' but then I realize in a week the need will pass so I never do it.

At least not until this year. I say "pee - CAN" as in the letter P and a can of corn. I kick the can down the curb. I don't kick a kahn. So I'm pretty comfortable with my pronunciation. And it turns out there's an actual map that backs me on this.

Yes, a map.. If you want to see it, you can find it at Farm Flavor. It turns out that in our part of the country we're a 'PEE-can' sort of place. Sure the accent is on a different syllable, but close enough.

And it turns out if you go just a little further south of us, you'll be in 'pee-KAHN country. It doesn't matter. In a week we don't have to say it again for another year.

Here are some other words we love to say 'our way' here in New Jersey...

Coffee. We don't have a cup of CAH-fee. We drink KAU-fee. And a lot of it. That's probably why we're so relaxed on the roads.

Water. Much like coffee, we don't sip on WAH-ter. We drink a bottle of WAU-ter. The other way just sounds silly.

Caramel. Experts have chimed in on this one. It turns out the West Coast and Midwest Say CAR-mel, while we add the third syllable and say 'CAR a mel', according to Best Life.

We have way too much to worry about to think too much about this stuff. But at least you got a chance to get your mind off the other stuff while you read this. You're welcome.

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