It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to the beautiful fall foliage that Nee Jersey is so famous for, and the experts say the peak time to enjoy them is just around the corner.

According to Smoky Mountains and their nationwide predictions for peak fall foliage times for every area in the nation, we are on the doorstep of our peak season, which is mid-October. That’s right, we are literally days away.

One of the great places to see the seasonal color display Is the Manasquan Reservoir, spotlighted by NJ Hiking, and that certainly is a great place to check it out.

Other great places to enjoy the fall foliage this year in our area include Cheesequake Park. You can get details on that and about another dozen or so great spots right here in the Garden State at N.J. Spots.

None of us really wanted to let summer go here at the Jersey Shore, but now that the time has come to face the reality or Fall, we are starting to remember there are some great things about this season.

This is something we don’t need to remind Fall lovers about them. Enjoy!

There are so many great spots locally for some awesome fall foliage. You can learn all about the great Monmouth County parks we have at the Monmouth County Park System website.

And if Ocean County is your choice, you can get all you need to know about parks there at the Ocean County Parks and Recreation website.

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