In a recent best-of list, only one Ocean County restaurant is kid-friendly, what?

There are restaurants in Ocean County that are very kid-friendly. From pizza to seafood, we have great family-friendly restaurants. In a recent list for kid-friendly restaurants, they specify that these are places from north to south Jersey that kids will enjoy eating there and look forward to the next time they visit.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the lists. They are the best of everything from New Jersey. But, I do think Ocean County has more than just one kid-friendly restaurant.

creative services, Ridofranz / Getty Images
creative services, Ridofranz / Getty Images

What Ocean County, NJ restaurant is the most kid-friendly?

It's one of my favorites, Shut Up and Eat! It's fun, memorable, and the staff is always so friendly. You can even wear your pajamas out for breakfast if you want, it's perfect, and their grilled cheese sandwiches are fantastic.

Where is Shut Up and Eat!, one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in Ocean County.

It's on Main Street in Toms River.

We have fabulous Hibachi restaurants in Ocean County that I know kids love. Most diners, kids love and always want to go back.

I'm really surprised that Rainforest Cafe' in Atlantic City isn't on the list. Kids love that restaurant. If we would take the drive to Atlantic City every weekend, my daughter would be so, so happy. It never gets old for her.

A couple of the kid-friendly restaurants that made the list from New Jersey: The Pop Shop in Medford, Duffer's in Wildwood, Winberie's in Princeton, Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, just to name a few.

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