It’s a Monday in the middle of November and I am wearing socks for the first time since May.

I know that’s not really headline news but it’s a milestone for me and not one I’m very happy about.  Here are some other unrelated thoughts:

  • I don’t know if I have ever seen as many leaves as this fall. As quick as you bag or blow them they seem to almost multiply.  After last week’s heavy rains it appears most have finally fallen off the trees.
  • Out of somewhat necessity I started drinking QuickChek coffee and it’s now moved to the top of my list. I favor the original blend.
  • A lot of people like to kick your favorite sports team or individual when they are down. They do so on social media and seem to relish the opportunity to almost laugh at the misfortune of others.
  • That incredible collective sigh of relief you heard around 4:15 Sunday afternoon came from every Giants football fan as they finally beat the Eagles after eight consecutive losses to their rivals.
  • Sunday was also a good day for Jets fans. They didn’t play.
  • If we can get through this week then Wall will host Donovan Catholic Friday night in what is the first unofficial Shore Conference Football championship game. It’s a shame that only family and some others will get to see it live but it will be special for the players and that’s why we have high school sports.
  • Dustin Johnson made a mockery of the Masters this weekend with a record-breaking 20 under par total. Having Tiger Woods help you putt on your first green jacket is like one of those moments you dream about.
  • I know I’m old-school and considered out of touch by some. However the NFL should be embarrassed by its decision to allow and even encourage the kind of on-field celebrations they do for things that players are supposed to do.  Watching an entire defensive unit sprint half the field to mug for the cameras in some choreographed celebration after an interception is absurd and juvenile.  Even worse are the commentators who endorse it.
  • I’ve always doubted that line about “big brother is always watching you.” However I’m told if you buy a turkey over 20 pounds you should not be surprised if officials show up at your house inquiring about your Thanksgiving plans.


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