What were YOU doing in 1971? I was five and probably running around the house playing with GI Joe. Why do I ask about 1971, because that was the year this iconic McDonald's sandwich was introduced to the world.

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The Egg McMuffin is turning 50. The iconic breakfast sandwich is McDonald's take on eggs benedict? the English muffin with egg cheese and meat has been getting folks up and going at McDonald's for 50 years now, are YOU a fan?

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I'll be honest I don't have them all the time, but I am a fan of the Egg McMuffin and every so often I make a point to grab one for breakfast. I actually liked when McDonald's did extended hours for breakfast service. An Egg McMuffin was always good for lunch.


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In honor of the Egg McMuffin turning 50, McDonald's has a special for YOU. Now the promotion is happening today! Thursday, November 18th for a limited time. According to a Patch article...the Egg McMuffin will be priced at 63 cents Today from now until 10:30 am exclusively through your McDonald's app. So you better get in there this morning and celebrate the Egg McMuffins' 50th birthday!

By the way, in 1971 Richard Nixon was President. A gallon of gas was 36 cents and a gallon of milk went for 50 cents!

Let us know what is your favorite item on the McDonald's breakfast menu? Is it the Egg McMuffin? If so get to McD's before 10:30 am today :)


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