An off-duty New Jersey State Police Trooper and good samaritan came to the rescue of two kayakers fighting to survive in the Glimmer Class Creek in Manasquan.

(Photo Courtesy: New Jersey State Police)
(Photo Courtesy: New Jersey State Police)

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A pair of heroes helped rescue a pair of kayakers struggling in the waters of the Glimmer Class Creek in Manasquan last Sunday and State Police have released the details of the heroic story.

It all started on Sunday when Sergeant First Class Erin Smith was driving over the Glimmer Glass Drawbridge and noticed an overturned kayak, two orange life vests floating and two women struggling in the water.

Without hesitation, Officer Smith quickly got out of her vehicle, ran towards the bridge and then called to the struggling women to ask if they needed help.

Officer Smith was then joined in the rescue effort by Andrew Jacobs of Brielle who happened to be riding his bike over the bridge with his family at the time.

Jacobs offered to help rescue the women as well, so both he and Officer Smith jumped off the Glimmer Glass Draw Bridge and into the water to rescue the women in distress.

Officer Smith and Jacobs were able to get to the kayakers safely and bring them to the shore.

Manasquan Police, the Manasquan Fire Department, Manasquan lifeguards, Brielle Police and Brielle First Aid Squad then arrived on scene to assist Officer Smith and Jacobs.

The rescued kayakers were treated on the scene and then released.

"Due to the quick actions of SFC Erin Smith and Andrew Jacobs, we are happy to report that both victims are doing well," NJSP said in a statement.

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