One Of The Biggest Names In Music Was All Smiles In Manasquan, New Jersey
Manasquan is easily one of the Jersey Shore's best beach towns. Everything about the area is unique and one of a kind. The beach is beautiful, there is fun nightlife, outstanding restaurants, and a cool downtown with many locally owned businesses. The Manasquan people are great too! Manasquan is a tremendous summertime destination, which is why a few celebrities have been spotted there these last few months.
Iconic Manasquan Inlet Favorite On Market For Big Bucks
It's not just the picturesque views of the Manasquan River and Manasquan Inlet or the food or fare that make this establishment so special. It's the memories. Countless families have swung through after a day at Manasquan Beach or Seawatch Beach. Countless employees have spent their summers serving food, drink, and deserts while putting smiles on the faces of their customers. Countless memories have been made by, dare I say, millions of locals and tourists over the last 80 years. Now, this great business is up for sale and the price tag is equally memorable.
Exciting! The Manasquan Inlet Intracoastal Tug Will Return This Year
This is tremendous news! The Manasquan Inlet Intracoastal Tug, presented by Jersey Mike's, is back and better than ever. After a year away, the one-of-a-kind event will return for a third time on Saturday, October 9th. The series of tugs-of-war across the Manasquan Inlet serves as a recreation department fundraiser for Manasquan and Point Pleasant Beach.
Delicious! The Jersey Shore’s Most Underrated Pork Roll Sandwich Is Made In Manasquan, New Jersey
Let me make it clear before all hell breaks loose, at the Jersey Shore we call it Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham. I say, Pork Roll, my sisters say, Pork Roll, my parents say, Pork Roll. Everyone I know says, Pork Roll, besides my goofball North Jersey buddy who takes pride in saying, Taylor Ham. He's also one of those people who think Monmouth County is in South Jersey. "North Jersey Matt" is one of my best friends but he's also an idiot! Yes, I will make sure he gets the link to this article...

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