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Tourism continues to be an important part of local business growth and development at the shore where more visitors can help businesses but also get a first hand look at all the shore has to offer.

On Townsquare's 'Topic-A' Sunday morning June 18 with Co-Hosts Jeremy Grunin and Bob Levy, Ocean County Freeholder Director Joe Vicari said there's no shortfall of activity here.

Vicari says no matter what the weather forecast calls for on a given day, there's always plenty to do in Ocean County inside and outside during the summer months.

"We have an aquarium, a planetarium, an outstanding library system you can go to and to our retail stores and spend money," said Vicari.

He encourages residents and visitors to Ocean County and the shore to visit the Ocean County Mall and all the small businesses and restaurants in the area as well.

Vicari also told listeners on Topic-A that heading over to the beach when it's sunny and hot is always a good decision, but there so many more activities to do in addition to the beach or in substitution.

"You can also go to some of the restaurants we have in Ocean County," said Vicari. "There's a lot of other things to do outside of going to the ocean."

Tourism is a critical part to our economy, he adds, as people come here from all over the state to visit for the summer and we should guide them to all the fun activities and great local businesses we have.

"Every dollar that's spent circulates seven times a round," said Vicari. "That's what is important, we want people to spend money."

He says many car businesses are also thriving with many of the tourists coming to the shore in the summer and leaving with a new vehicle.


But the bottom line, he says, it's important to not only attend but to support our local businesses here because it provides a helpful boost to the economy.

"98-percent of all the businesses are small businesses," said Vicari. "They start out and begin hiring people. That's the American way of doing things...a small business."


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