Inflation or not, this is just simply absurd.

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This story came from a fellow family member who has had to do some travelling recently.

Keep this question in mind as I explain: How far is too far?

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My cousin came in to New Jersey to visit for the weekend for my Dad's birthday.

We laughed, we tanned, we frolicked. It was lovely.

However, she texted my entire family while she was in the terminal of Newark Liberty International Airport waiting for her flight.

"A glass of wine costs $30."

Holy cow.

That costs more than most bottle of wines and by almost double.

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According to, the average cost of a 750 ml bottle of wine in New Jersey back in 2020 was $11.71.

More specifically, the average cost of a bottle of red wine was $14.97, a bottle of white was $10.17 and a bottle of rose was $9.98.

Now obviously, these prices must have gone up since inflation hit New Jersey.

However, I am an avid wine drinker and am keeping an eye on prices for all wines no matter which store I am shopping at.

I would say most bottles of wine that I am shopping for fall between the $14.99 to $29.99 range. I am talking your typical chardonnay, sangria or prosecco.


Are there higher end bottles? Absolutely. You could spend a killing at the liquor store if you really wanted to take the bougie route.

But for the rest of us regular folks who are just trying to survive these days, the classics will do just fine.

When you compare these wine costs to Newark Liberty International Airport's price for just one glass of wine, I am shooketh.

I understand needing to raise prices to make a profit.

I also understand that prices are typically higher overall at an airport because there is more upkeep involved.


I can even rationalize putting prices a bit higher because anyone going on vacation would splurge.

But $30.00 for one measly 4 oz. pour of wine is insane and honestly, insulting.

I am sure some of you reading this right now is thinking: Then don't buy the glass of wine?

That is not the point.

The only way to keep money circulating is to sell things that the majority can afford.

Just because you can charge 300% more, it doesn't mean you should.

Newark International Airport is taking advantage and we need to draw the line somewhere.

So now I ask: How far is too far? 

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